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Hi there, I’m Pam! I’m so excited you’ve found your way to The Sacred Channel.


Thank you for being here and for your interest in me and my spiritual journey. For me, all things soul searching and spirituality started about 10 years ago. I reconnected with a work acquaintance, which in and of itself was a total act of divine intervention and one of those life-changing moments. At the time, we were both struggling and began to find solace, support, and healing in each other and spirit. We would do oracle card readings for each other and “meditate” together (which we would later realize was actually psychic readings). That period of dipping my toes into spirituality and something so much bigger than myself blew my world wide open.


From there, I was hooked. I began to develop my intuition, which seemed like actual facts magic to me because I never really thought I had intuition up until then. I started incorporating daily gratitude into my routine. Meditation became a staple in my life, and my friend and I kept up with our daily card readings and psychic readings for each other too. I began to tap into something higher, something bigger than me – my spirit guides, my higher self, my friend’s spirit guides, angels, and source.


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I soon realized that one of my biggest gifts was channeling. I have notebooks filled with channeled messages I’ve received over the years, which are actually really cool to look at, because there are so many different variations of handwriting that are totally not mine and belong to whichever spirit, angel, or ascended master decided to drop some wisdom into my life that day 😉 Over the last few years, I’ve realized that oracle card readings is another gift of mine. I’ve given such accurate readings that I’ve actually freaked out some of my friends and clients haha. In addition to oracle cards, I’m in the process of honing my tarot skills, and there are so many other methods, practices, and modalities that I’m eager to learn and incorporate into my life and the services I offer through The Sacred Channel. 


Speaking of…The Sacred Channel was totally a divine download. For the past year or so, I’ve been feeling called to start sharing the spiritual side of my life. I’ve been yearning for a more spiritual based community. One day, when I was feeling kind of lost and just over life in general, I began channeling, and the idea of The Sacred Channel came through. Literally within 10 minutes, I had outlined this entire website, my mission and vision, and my intention for this work. I’ve never, in my entire life, had anything flow through me so easily. Hence…Divine. Intervention. 


I so love card pulls & soul journaling!

So here’s the mission of The Sacred Channel: To help you tune into your sacred channel to access your deep inner wisdom as well as guidance from spirit and source, so that you can live a connected, happy, and fulfilled life.


You don’t need to look outside of yourself for the answers or to feel fulfilled. You can access those things for yourself, you just need an open mind, commitment to yourself and this work, and a little bit of tuning to better receive the guidance and messages that are always available to you.


When I’m not geeking out over all things spirit, I can usually be found working at my day job as the Director of Business Operations for a wellness startup that helps people overcome food, body, and self-love issues. Oh and that friend I mentioned above, the one who was my very first soul sister? She’s also my writing partner, and we’re usually huddled together weekly, working on our latest screenplay (and dreaming of selling our scripts and seeing our stories on the big screen). 


If you read this far, you deserve a cookie or at least a high five – so thank you 🙂 I’m really excited to share my journey, the spiritual things that have me being the actual embodiment of the nerd emoji, and to help YOU connect with your own inner wisdom, spiritual gifts, and source. Cause we all have access to The Sacred Channel. In fact, each of us is a sacred channel. Pretty cool, huh?

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