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Hi there! Thank you so much for being here and for taking the time to learn about us. We’re excited to share our journeys and why we created The Sacred Channel…


About Pam

^ Pam


For me, all things soul searching and spirituality started about 10 years ago when I reconnected with Jess, who, at the time, was a former, casual work acquaintance. This in and of itself was a total act of divine intervention and one of those life-changing moments. At the time, I was going through a rough patch (much like Jess), and we began to find solace, support, and healing in each other and in spirit. It started as oracle card readings to find comfort, and meditation to find peace and connection, but soon became so much bigger and blew my world wide open.


From there – I was hooked. I began to develop my intuition, which seemed like actual facts magic to me, someone who didn’t even think they had intuition up until then. I started incorporating daily gratitude into my routine. Meditation became a staple in my life, and Jess and I kept up with our daily card readings and psychic readings for each other too. From there, I began to tap into something higher, something bigger than me – my spirit guides, angels, and source.


I soon realized that one of my biggest gifts was channeling. Over the last few years, I’ve discovered that oracle card readings is another gift of mine. In addition to oracle cards, I’m in the process of honing my tarot skills, and there are so many other methods, practices, and modalities that I’m eager to learn and create to incorporate into my own life as well as the services offered through The Sacred Channel. 


About Jessica

^ Jessica


For me, it all started with dreams. I didn’t know it at the time, but around my late teens, I started connecting with not only my loved ones who had passed, but my higher self when I was asleep. The more I acknowledged and paid attention to the dreams, the more prophetic they would become. The more prophetic the dreams would become, the more I started noticing I would get stray thoughts throughout the day that would turn out to be intuitive in nature. It was then that I realized I may be on to something. Then, I stopped paying attention because life happened and my gift went back to the basics. 


Fast forward several years later, when life was throwing me yet another curveball. I was in a state of emotional upheaval and desperately trying to find a way to reclaim my emotional footing. Somewhere deep within, I knew that although I was in a chaotic state, it was the perfect time to tap back into my intuition. So I began practicing techniques a trusted family member taught me, and because I had Pam along for the ride, we would get immediate validation that we were progressing with our intuition, and an immediate sense of peace came over us both. 


More importantly, I also came to learn that I was not alone. My spirit guides and loved ones were always there watching over me through every twist and turn that I went through. I knew right then and there that I wanted as many people as possible to be able to feel this, and helping others tap into their intuition to gain the same peace and knowledge quickly became one of my life’s missions.


About The Sacred Channel



We know from experience what it’s like to struggle and to feel so completely at a loss, unfulfilled, and alone. We know what it’s like to scramble for answers and guidance outside of yourself. We’ve literally been there, separately, together, and in various ways.


We also know what it’s like to connect to that deeper part of yourself, that higher part of yourself. We know what it’s like to tap into the divine, loving guidance of source and spirit, and how channeling that type of magic can literally change your life. This knowing is why we created The Sacred Channel.


Our mission through The Sacred Channel is to help you tune into your sacred channel to access your deep inner wisdom as well as guidance from spirit and source, so that you can live a connected, happy, and fulfilled life.


You don’t need to look outside of yourself for the answers or to feel fulfilled. Each of us, at any given moment, has everything we need to connect to source, spirit, and our higher self. Each of us has innate, sacred magic, strength, and deep wisdom, and it’s our divine calling to help you access this for yourself.

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