Channeled Message: Less rigidity, more allowance.

Photo by Slava B on Unsplash

Release the rigidity that rules your life. Allow yourself to live from ease and flow. From fun and pleasure.

Let what feels good drive you, not what feels “should.”

Life is not meant to be a never-ending to do list. It is not meant to be a perfectly executed achievement.

Life is meant to be an experience, more so a series of experiences. Some messy. Some painful. Many unexpected.

But therein lies the beauty.

Trying to perfectly orchestrate your life will not make it better. It will make it small and uninspired.

Feel. Flow. Experience. Invite in the unknown. Play. Release expectation. Stop trying to do and just be.

Allow, and you will thrive.

So much beauty and love awaits you – you only need to open yourself up to it.


Weekly Wisdom: 4 of Water

The themes of this week’s card are dreaming and introspection, contemplation, and trusting in the abundance of opportunities.

Are you feeling called to take some sacred time and space and really reflect on your dreams and desires?

Or maybe something didn’t work out according to your plan or expectation, and now it’s time to recalibrate?

This can be a good thing, and a powerful practice in having faith and trusting that everything will not only work out how it is meant to but even BETTER than you originally imagined.

I’m a big nerd when it comes to dreams and goals, and I LOVE to visualize. The things that really helped me up my visualization game and usher more magical manifestation into my life were these:

1) FEEL into what you want. Like viscerally allow yourself to live your dream in your mind. How does it feel? What do you feel like in your body? Who do you tell first? Where are you when it happens?

2) Don’t be attached to the how or when. I know this is hard AF – it’s something I still struggle with, but I try to focus more on how I want to feel than WHAT I want to call in down to a tee, if that makes sense.

Comment below and tell me a dream that is on your heart!

CARD SOURCE: The 4 of Water is from The Good Tarot deck by Colette Baron-Reid. Check out Page 1.


Channeled Message: Things are not as you think

Whether dealing with people, circumstances, or something new and unknown, you dear hearts tend to form an opinion before you even fully live the experience.

This leads to much struggle and resistance, as often the opinion and attachment you form comes from fear.

This is not your fault. This is part of your human programming – it is a defense mechanism meant to keep you safe.

However, you need not always err on the side of caution.

Open your heart to curiosity.

Invite in the unknown.

Meet uncertainty with excitement.

Wait to form your opinion on something until you get to truly experience it.

This is the key to living a full life – allowing yourself to live a full life.

Within each of you is a seed of curiosity – nurture it. Water it with your excitement, shine your light of love upon it, and allow it to bloom as one of the many beautiful delights that makes up the garden of your life.

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October Wisdom: You, Who Show the Way

The card pull for this month has a message that is twofold. First:

Your most powerful offering is presence.

You show the way by how you live your life.

You are an inspiration, and you are helping and impacting people so much more than you know, just by simply being yourself.

The second part of this month’s message is this: 

If you’ve been struggling with a difficult issue, one you aren’t sure how to solve, surrender and let the Universe work its magic.

The challenge will be overcome, and your only job in “fixing” it is to allow it to unfold as it is meant to while having faith that everything will work out in your best interest.

Always remember – the divine has your back <3

P.S. Is it just me, or are we getting A LOT of messages lately about surrender, letting go of control, and trusting in the Universe?! I know this is totally a theme in my life right now! Drop me a comment below if this resonates with you too!

CARD SOURCE: The You, Who Show the Way card is from the Rumi Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. To read about the card in its entirety, check out Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4!


Weekly Wisdom: Shock of the New

Ohh I love this week’s card – Shock of the New. In addition to the gorgeous art, this card is all about something new and beautiful seeking to manifest in your life.

However, although this can be an exciting time, whatever is seeking to come to be in your life is likely something completely unfamiliar to you and your experience up until now.

It may be a shock at first, but that will soon transform to happiness and freedom, as long as you can first accept it and move through the shock of the new and unknown.

Or perhaps something that you want to create or experience in your life is considered unconventional, and because of this, you’ve not yet allowed it to be born.

It’s time to surrender to what is calling to you, and pay no mind to what others may think.

Prepare yourself now for this shock of the new, and meet it with curiosity and excitement rather than trepidation and fear.

Trust that everything is happening as it is meant to, and allow yourself to be led down this path now.

CARD SOURCE: The Shock of the New card is from The Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. Click on the following links to read the card’s full message: Page 1, Page 2.


Of Passions & Purpose

This is my current soul journal. I usually have one for a year <3

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those moments in life. The kind where, as you’re experiencing it, a part of you knows it’s a #bigdeal and something that you will look back on again and again and be like, “That was the moment when…x, y, z.” It was almost like an outer body experience, if I’m being honest.

On the shore of my oceanic bae, the Pacific Ocean in good ole California, I led nine incredible women in a full moon circle.

As I recently started doing my own moon rituals, I suggested to a friend of mine that, while in San Diego to run a work event, we should do an evening beach trip for our own little moon ritual. A day later, the topic of conversation came up again with another friend, and from there it quickly snowballed into a group thing.

A group thing that kind of scared the shit out of me.

On the one hand, I was EPICLY STOKED at the opportunity to do something that had been a long standing heart’s desire of mine – to connect with others on a deep level through leading some sort of soulful, spiritual experience.

On the other hand, I was freaking out at the prospect of organizing this gathering and then being the ::terrified gasp:: leader and “center of attention.” That’s something I’ve actively hid from for the longest time.

It’s like a paradox – having a deep desire to be seen and heard, but also being downright terrified of being seen and heard. lol oh to be human!

Luckily, in this case, I didn’t have much time to dwell on it and spin out with my fear. I sat down with my soul journal and just started drafting an agenda for a simple, focused moon circle. (And yes, I really did create an agenda, because I’m Type A and that’s literally part of my DNA and a huuuge part of my day job skillz, okay? 😉

I’ll admit I was pretty anxious for a majority of the day leading up to the moon circle, but the closer we got, the more excited I grew. And then we were meeting up on the beach and walking toward the ocean. We formed a circle and…

It was like a lightswitch flipped and I was suddenly operating as my higher self as I led the women into an energy cleansing and grounding practice to start us out.

That ^^ was the moment that I mentioned at the start of this post.

It was so strange to be fully present in that moment, but still, somewhere in my subconscious, part of me was like, “Holy fucccck, this is the thing you’ve wanted to do for so long and you were so afraid of, but look at how NATURAL it is for you!!” With a side of, “Who are you?!” ::insert side eye emoji::

The moon circle experience was truly incredible. It’s a night I’ll always remember, and I’m so grateful that I was able to share it with a group of heart-centered, passionate women who made me feel safe, even when being seen and heard ::dun dun dun::

It really amped up my confidence, as I’ve always been one to suffer from imposter syndrome. Something can be on my heart for all of eternity, and there can be synchronicities and signs dropping in all over the place, but my fear will always win out as I wonder, “Who am I to (insert thing I want to do)??”

It was also such validation that I am 100% on the right path. My own spiritual journey, everything that has led me here, the desires of my heart, all of my interests and lessons learned, and now here with The Sacred Channel – this is all meant to be and has been divinely orchestrated. There’s not a doubt in my mind.

So if there’s something that’s been niggling at you, something that your heart is so desperately craving, even if it’s just a small curiosity to maybe, I dunno, take a pottery class, or visit a new town – do it.

The things that call to us do so for a reason. They are meant for us, and it would be such a shame to miss out on them. <3

P.S. Shoutout to my soul sister Britt for refusing to co-host the moon circle with me to force me to step into my power and do it myself. Endless apologies for my initial EW face and being mad – your higher was just giving my higher a lil slap up the side of the head to werrrk my magic 😉 I love you and appreciate you, B!

P.P.S. For those of you who enjoy full circle moments, Britt is the person I emailed nearly three years ago confessing that I felt so called to connect with others through soul coaching or spiritual work but was struggling hardcore with “who am I to…” So it’s even more awesome that she not only gave me that little push, but was there to witness the moment 😉