Channeled Message: Go inward.

There is much unrest around you now.

How easily you could get caught up in it all, spend every waking moment of your time anxious of the unknown, mourn what you have lost or what you cannot have, afraid of what is to come.

Do not be swept away on this tidal wave of fear.

You must ground into your core, the very essence of your soul.

Cultivate the safety that you seek within.

You cannot control others, nor the world around you. You can only control yourself, your own being, and how you react to the external world.

Allow yourself moments of stillness to go inward. Access the innate safety and trust that exists deep within you, deep within your body and soul.

There will be times to go outward, to use your voice, to amplify the voices of others, to take action, to resist, to love, and to inspire.

And there are times when it is okay to seek solace and safety within yourself. Doing so is an act of deep self-love.

Show up for the fight that calls to your heart, but remember to take breaks to rest, go inward, and nourish yourself.


Weekly Wisdom: Forge, Don’t Follow

It’s time for you to forge a new path and be the leader you wish you had.

Sometimes you must create the path as you go, especially when you are aligned with your own unique journey vs. allowing another to lead you on theirs.

Stop waiting for someone else to lead you, and instead lead yourself.

“Unique” is not just a fluff word.

There is literally no one else on this planet who has your unique combination of skills, gifts, and lived experience. There is no other who thinks like you, speaks like you, and shows up like you.

Stop waiting for permission, and forge ahead.

Take that first step on your path, and in doing so, you will make it easier for others to do the same.

CARD SOURCE: The Forge, Don’t Follow card is from The Starseed Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell. To read the full card description, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


November Wisdom: Movement, Choices, Decisions

This is a time for movement, of significant change. Choices must be made.

You may feel a sense of overwhelm – there is already so much before you, so much to do, but you can handle it if you stay flexible yet focused.

Follow the flow and do not force.

Also remember that when it comes to change and making decisions, you don’t need to do it alone. Turn to those you trust, those you know who have your best interest at heart always.

The most important thing to remember right now is to avoid stagnancy. You must move – move through, move on, move forward.

CARD SOURCE: The Movement, Choices, Decisions card is from The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland. To read the full card description, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


Channeled Message: Rest & Recharge

Photo by Graca Assane on Unsplash

Sometimes, it is enough to simply exist.

What would your life look like if you weren’t constantly doing?

What would it feel like to allow yourself the time and space to just be?

To sit with yourself and connect at a deeper level?

To allow yourself the experience of solitude?

What would it feel like to press pause on the hustle and bustle of life for a short while?

If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, allow yourself to take a break from the external and go within to rest and recharge.

While it is true that you have work to do and a purpose to fulfill, you cannot make progress on your journey if you are constantly burnt out and overwhelmed.

Part of your work is to stop, step away, and allow yourself the experience of sacred space to just be and not do.

It is time to rest and rejuvenate, dear one.

Surrender to this need for space and rejuvenation.

Surrender to this healing. It is time.

– Archangel Raphael (Raphael is the angel of healing. His healing is broad and extends the physical to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing as well.)


Weekly Wisdom: Kelp – Strength

The Kelp card appears when you need a reminder of your inherent strength.

Even when you feel weak, you are strong.

You have a solid, firm foundation, and it’s something you can tap into to anchor yourself in your faith.

If you are struggling with a specific situation, take a step back and observe it rather than identify with it.

Allow space and reflection to give you clarity on the best way to move forward.

Surrender into your heart space, tap into your innate strength, and allow yourself to be guided from that place.

CARD SOURCE: The Kelp card is from The Ocean Oracle deck by Susan Marte. To read the entire description, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


Channeled Message: You are both one and separate

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

You are both one and separate.

You are a collective of souls incarnated in this lifetime, together representing light and dark, masculine and feminine, struggle and triumph, stagnation and elevation.

You are also a collective of individual humans, each with your own sacred experience and journey.

In these times of upheaval, violence, and illumination, you must acknowledge the stories of others. You must acknowledge that not every person lives, thinks, or believes as you do. Not every other person fears or revels in security as you do.

To each their own, even amongst the collective.

Coexistence and true elevation is about balance. It is about give and take. It is about being the one who experiences as well as the one who witnesses.

There is work to do, on a collective level, of course, but also on an individual level. In fact, it starts with YOU.

Open your eyes to what you have not allowed yourself to see.

Raise your voice in support when it is time, and take a back seat but stand strong in solidarity when it is time.
You must do both, be both, separate.

– Archangel Michael (Michael is the angel of protection, courage, and power. He helps you to release fear, doubt, and lower negative energies.)