Weekly Wisdom: The Sun

The sun represents light and life. It can be gentle and warming or overpowering and destructive.

The Sun card appears during a time when you’ve been hibernating or introspective.

It is now time to come out from hiding and seek the light. It is time to share your own inner spark with the world.

However, be aware that even light needs rest. It is okay to take time to recharge in the darkness.

The purpose of your light is not to blind but to illuminate.

CARD SOURCE: The Sun card is from the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid. You can read the full card description here.


Weekly Wisdom: Jaguar

The Jaguar is the master of the shadows and brings courage and certainty.

This card appears when it’s time to explore beyond your comfort zone and normal routine.

It is time to push your limits and boundaries and dabble in the unknown.

This is also a good time to do shadow work – to delve into the darkness and shadows that you usually avoid.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to release?
  • What have I carried around for too long?
  • What fear do I need to let go of?
  • What toxic relationships are holding me back?

It’s time to explore your darkness and to come out on the other side of it, into the unknown and exciting light that awaits you.

CARD SOURCE: The Jaguar card is from the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid. You can read the card’s full description here!


Weekly Wisdom: The Void

The Void is where all life begins and ends, a fertile darkness where all things originate and seeds grow.

The Void card appears when it is time to surrender to the unknown and nourish the seeds of change growing within you.

This is a time of rest and allowance.

A time for you to surrender to whatever’s next, even if you don’t know what that is.

Stop trying to control and force.

Instead trust that everything is happening as it should, even if you can’t quite see the results just yet.

Have faith.

Let go so that you may receive.

CARD SOURCE: The Void card is from The Starseed Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell. To read the full card description, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


Weekly Wisdom: Rest & Rejuvenate

It is now time to rest and rejuvenate.

This card often appears when you are coming out of a period that has been particularly taxing, both mentally and emotionally.

(Like, no kidding, spirit! 😉

Take some time now to go inward and heal.Be with your soul and higher energy.Let it reinvigorate you and cleanse away any darkness or heaviness that you have been carrying.

This time and space for reflection and replenishment will allow you to gain some clarity and do some “spring cleaning,” so that you can come out on the other side of this time healthier, stronger, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

CARD SOURCE: The Rest & Rejuvenate card is from The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland. You can read Page 1 & Page 2.


May Wisdom: Honeysuckle / Secrets

The theme for this month is secrets.

What secrets do you hold?

How do you perceive them?

How do you believe others will perceive them?

Take some time and space to reflect on who you are vs. who you present yourself to be. Are they one and the same? Or do you tend to hide your truth?

If so, why? What are you afraid of? What fear or story can you release?

Know that secrets aren’t always bad. Sometimes they can usher in surprises and new insight.

And sometimes they are just information or truth waiting for the perfect time to come to light.

CARD SOURCE: The Honeysuckle card is from The Ocean Oracle by Susan Marte. To read the full card description, check out Page 1.


Weekly Wisdom: I Surge on the Uprising Wave of Love

You are going through, or will soon go through, a time when you will be moved by forces greater than your own personal will.

Although you may not necessarily have a choice of how things unfold during this time, you DO have a choice in how you respond to it.

The purpose of this time is to open you to surrender and love.

Rest assure that what is to come is part of the divine plan, but know that it is okay to feel fear.

Fear and resistance are a byproduct of loss of control – they are natural. This is where surrender and allowance come in.

This is where trust comes in. You must trust that whatever comes your way is meant for you.

Remember: love is more powerful than fear. Meet what is to come with an open heart and an open mind.

Surge with what is unfolding in your life now. Trust in the process. Allow yourself to be swept away by it.

Do not resist the divine flow of your life journey.

These changes will happen because you are READY for them. You are ready for change and growth.

You are ready for the next wave of life.

CARD SOURCE: The I Surge on the Uprising Wave of Love card is from the Rumi Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. To read the entire card description, check out Page 1, Page 2, & Page 3.


Weekly Wisdom: Baby Steps

Your soul is calling you to take action.

To start where you are, however that may look, and take consistent action to begin building the next phase of your life.

As humans who live from fear-based ego, it can be hard to take action or make change without a guarantee that it will be worth it or we will be successful.

But that doesn’t matter – what matters is the JOURNEY to get where ever you want to go…

And that starts with baby steps.

Listen to the soft whisper of your intuition, each day, and allow yourself to be guided to micro action and decisions as you progress on your journey.

This is about consistency over urgency.

You don’t need to have everything figured out, just take it one step at a time, day after day, and before you know it, you’ll be the great adventurer in your own life.

CARD SOURCE: The Baby Steps card is from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell. To read this card’s full description, pop over to Page 1 & Page 2.


Weekly Wisdom: Middle World

The middle world is about reality and creation.

Here’s a line from the card description that really resonated:

“When things are right in the middle world, heaven and Earth support everything. When they are not right, heaven and Earth must be brought into order as well.”

So what is your middle world experience right now?

Do you feel supported?

Or do you feel like things need to be brought to order?

If you feel as though you should be moving toward change or creation, be sure that you have what you need.

Ask for help from source and spirit to support your endeavor.

You will know when the time is right to move forward, for now, wait, and call on support and higher energy.

CARD SOURCE: The Middle World card is from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid. You can read the entire card description by popping over to Page 1.


Weekly Wisdom: First Ray of Power

The wisdom for this week is about conscious destruction.

We are both creators AND destroyers.

Destruction isn’t always bad. It can be used as a way to release what is no longer serving you and usher in new beginnings.

The First Ray of Power is about removing the things, people, and situations that are holding you back.

You may find yourself in an unexpected time of change, or perhaps you feel motivated to break outside of your comfort zone or shake up your routines.

These changes will feel both urgent and freeing. Flow with them. Be detached and allow yourself to release control.

Whatever is flowing into or out of your life now is part of your divine journey.

Trust. Surrender. Allow.

CARD SOURCE: The First Ray of Power card is from the Lightworker Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. To read the complete card description for this week’s pull, pop over to Page 1 & Page 2!


April Wisdom: The Word Wants to Be Written

Finding your purpose or your true self doesn’t need to be difficult.

What you are is within you already.

The best way to tap into your true essence is to surrender and go with the flow. Stop trying to force things through action and hustle, and instead trust that what is meant to find you will, what is meant to happen will.

The desires of your heart are given to you for a reason – they are divine guideposts lighting the way along your soul’s path.

The first step to becoming your TRUE self is to accept who you are. Give yourself permission to be who you are – unapologetically. Love yourself, “flaws” and all.

Acceptance of self will lead to acceptance of your most heartfelt dreams and desires. What calls to you and stirs your passion is MEANT for you.

It is time to claim yourself, and your dreams, in love.

CARD SOURCE: The Word Wants to Be Written card is from the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. To read the full card description, check out Page 1, Page 2, & Page 3.