Energetic Care & Practices

These are some of my selenite pieces 🙂

This post is a follow up to last week’s Energetics Are Everything. I suggest you read that first if you haven’t already 🙂 In this post, I want to dig deeper into energetics by sharing my own energetic beliefs and care, as well as sharing some energetic practices that you may find useful, especially if you’re new to this type of work.

As I mentioned in my blog post last week, I am by no means an expert in energetics. I can only share my current knowledge, beliefs, and practices. Please feel free to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

My daily energetic practices revolve around the auric field and the seven chakras.

The aura is one of the layers of energy that is closest to our physical body. The chakras are energy points in the body, starting at the base of the spine and extending up to the crown of the head, that correlate to certain physical, mental, and emotional attributes. Some people work with the basic seven chakras, others with eleven, and others with 114. For now, as an energetic newb, I work with the seven main chakras.

My physical body and energetic body, particularly my aura, chakras, and connection to source/spirit, are what I personally refer to as my sacred channel. It’s part of my daily routine to practice energetic hygiene and cleanse and recalibrate my sacred channel.

My Energetic Hygiene Practice AKA Cleansing My Sacred Channel

I do this every morning and again in the evening before I go to bed.

Step 1: Cord Cutting – I stand with my feet firmly planted on the ground and then cut energetic cords. I hold my hands up in front of me, palms facing my body, and do karate chop motions all around my body. I pay special attention to the area around my head, ears, throat, and heart. As I’m doing this, I envision that I’m cutting energetic cords that may be connected to me in the moment as a way to release what I no longer need to carry or feel.

Step 2: Grounding & Tapping Into Higher Energy – Once I take care of any active energetic cords or leaks, I focus on grounding myself to the earth while also opening my channel to tap into source, spirit, and my higher energy. First, I envision energetic roots extending from the soles of my feet and down into the center of the earth. Then I envision the four elements–earth, fire, air, water–infusing my roots with their own energy. Next I breathe in deeply as I pull that elemental, earth energy up through my roots and into my body, all the way up to the crown of my head. Then I ask to connect to the universe, source, spirit, and my higher self and picture that connection as golden/white light that fills the crown of my head before flowing down my body and through the roots of my feet.

Step 3: White Light Cleanse – Once I’m grounded and tuned into to source/spirit, it’s time to call on the white, loving light of the universe and source to cleanse and recalibrate my sacred channel. I’ll grab my selenite crystal tower and hold it to the crown of my head, and one of my selenite hearts and hold it to my heart, calling on the white light and breathing it in deep before I picture it washing over my body, cleansing me (and my energy/aura) from head to foot. I’ll do that body cleansing deep breath two more times. Then I take a deep breath and envision absorbing the healing white light through the selenite crystal at my heart and letting it fill every cell and fiber of my being (both physically and energetically). Then I do a deep exhale to release that breath and energy, and my sacred channel is cleansed!

Since this practice is a bit more in depth, I like to bookend my day with it, as I mentioned. However, sometimes throughout the day, I may need to do a quick grounding, cord cutting, or energetic cleanse. You can be flexible with your practices and routines. You don’t need to follow an in-depth routine, step by step, in every moment. Figure out what feels good for you, and once something starts to feel boring or stale, experiment and shake things up until you find a practice that resonates with you.

I’m also a fan of professional energy healing for energetic care and well-being. I like to book a monthly appointment with my energy healer, usually waiting until the day before to feel into the type of session I want to experience. My practitioner does a lot of hands on energy healing that includes working with the divine and angels. Some of my favorite types of energy work include Turaya Touch and reiki.

I can honestly say that learning about energetics and creating daily energetic practices has changed my life. I feel so much more in tune with myself, and it also gives me a sense of empowerment. I think sometimes it’s easy to just go with feeling crappy and spiraling into negativity, scarcity, or whatever the case may be, but you don’t need to be a victim to your circumstance or current way of being. 

You can literally shift your thoughts and experience by simply shifting your energy. 

It’s a total game changer!


Energetics Are Everything

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

Since the start of my spiritual journey over a decade ago, I’ve always been interested in energetics, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I’ve really started to experiment with energetics and energy work. Although I’m still a newb in this area, I have come to believe this wholeheartedly:

Energetics are everything.

I want to preface the meat of this post with a confession: I had no idea how much there is to learn about the human energy field and energetic anatomy. Not to mention all of the competing information that is out there. In doing research for this post, I fell down a google rabbit hole which made me realize how much more I have to learn about energetics. (And I’m totally okay with that because I’m a nerd for learning 😉

So, I am by no means an expert in energetics, but I can share my own experiences and practices in case you find any of it helpful 🙂 I’m also excited to learn more and expand my knowledge in this area. For me, when there are competing explanations and beliefs, I always feel into what aligns most with my higher energy. What feels right and true for me  on a soul level?

Okay so here’s the gist of energetics…everything is energy, even us. As humans, we have an energetic field that is composed of different layers of energy, and the awareness and maintenance of that energy is just as vital to our well-being as the care we give our physical body.

Our energetic state can deeply affect our human experience.

At any given moment, the state of your energy correlates with how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Are you feeling happy, sad, tired, overwhelmed, resentful? If you’re feeling sad, you may feel physically empty and tired. If your energetics are vibrating high and you’re feeling happy, you may feel light, excited, and free.

When you interact with others – what is the energetic exchange going on there? Maybe you spend time with your best friend, and you come away feeling carefree and replenished. Maybe when you visit your least favorite relative, you come out on the other side feeling negative and physically depleted. In every moment, your energy is affecting how you are feeling and being.

You can literally shift how you feel–physically, mentally, and emotionally–by shifting your energy.

If you’re ready to start experimenting with energetics as part of your spiritual practice and personal well-being, I suggest you start here:

1. Decide on what resonates most with you. What type of energetic bodies or beliefs do you feel most drawn to? When you think of energy work and hygiene, what energy bodies and tools do you want to work with or experiment with? Are there certain types of energetic services or experiences you want to try?

2. Experience your energy. Take some time and space to just sit with yourself and feel into your energy. You can even treat this as a type of meditation. Get grounded and still. Go inward. How do you feel in the moment? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Then experiment. Visualize something that you deeply desire and feel into it. What is the underlying energy of that wish or goal? How does it make you feel? Notice how your energetic state has shifted since you first started your practice.

Since this post has turned into a bit of a monster, I’m going to save diving into my own energetic beliefs and practices for next week. I’ll share how I work with energetics, energetic hygiene, the type of professional energetic services I favor, and some of my daily energetic practices. 


Learning How to Read the Akashic Records

As someone who loves to learn, I am always studying something. Whether I have my nose stuck in a personal development book or I’m trying (and often failing) at a new DIY on Pinterest, I really enjoy learning new things and broadening my education in general.

As we moved into 2020, spirit guided me to stop over-consuming content and courses and instead be super selective about what I decided to study and learn. They informed me that my time and energy are both limited and sacred, and to make sure that I was focusing on and completing things, rather than scattering myself across too many projects and goals and never finishing anything. 

I heeded the guidance and instead of signing up for online courses and workshops willy nilly (as I’m known to do) , and buying allll the books on new and different topics, I waited to see what, if anything, I felt called to pursue this year.

I didn’t need to wait long!

For the past year or so, I’ve had an interest in the Akashic Records. I’ve had two readings done by two different practitioners and really enjoyed the experiences. I received so much valuable insight and wisdom that has really helped me along my journey. 

Of course after these experiences, I had some stray thoughts that maybe I should look into a course to learn how to read the Records myself, but I didn’t really dive into this practice…

Until now 🙂

For the past few weeks, spirit has been like a neon sign blazing in my head and heart: “LEARN HOW TO READ THE AKASHIC RECORDS!” My guides have been super insistent on me diving into this right now, and I am following the call. And it’s been pretty wild so far, although I’ve only just started to dip my toes into this.

I’m starting with reading How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey by Linda Howe. Here are some fun synchronicities that have already popped up as I begin this course of study:

1) As I’ve been reading the book, this content and practice feels so familiar to me. I keep getting the visual of uncovering long written journals and revisiting them again for the first time in a long time. The Records are known to me on a much deeper, soul level.

2) Linda Howe was called to shamanism and shamanic drumming prior to delving into learning how to read the Akashic Records. This has happened to me recently as well! While attending a recent sound healing meditation, the drums activated me in a new way and led me to shamanic drumming meditations, which helped me connect to a new spirit guide. 

3) In the book, before digging into how to learn to read the Records, Howe has a Pillar of Light meditation for the reader to complete. Her visuals are almost exactly the same as my own grounding & connecting to source/spirit practice. Like, almost exactly.

4) The information on channeling wisdom from the Records is very similar to how I’ve always channeled and received wisdom. It just sounds like once I open the Records, I’ll be pulling from a new source.

5) There’s an emphasis on spoken word when it comes to reading the Records, and literally last week, I was sharing with a soul sister of mine that I’ve felt called to channel while going on my morning walks and recording it on my phone (although I haven’t done it – yet.).

Needless to say, I am geeking out hardcore over all of these little magical experiences and learning how to read the Akashic Records. I’m excited to continue this area of study and see how this practice unfolds for me. I hope it’s a new service I can offer somewhere down the line, for sure! 

In the meantime, I’m just really enjoying following the guidance of spirit and watching how doing so continues to unlock new spaces and gifts within me <3


How to Channel

Before we dig into how to channel, be sure to check out my previous post: What Is Channeling? to get the 411 on this practice and how it can benefit you.

Now, if you’re ready to rock and try channeling for yourself, keep reading 😉

How do you channel?

For me, channeling started as meditation. The more time and space I made for myself to disconnect from the outside world, go inward, and quiet the constant (often negative) yammering of my ego, the more I opened up my sacred channel and began to receive guidance outside of myself.

Journaling was also a huge part of honing my channeling. I used to think I could only channel through writing, but now I’m at a place where I can instantly tune in and channel and deliver messages verbally in real time.

Although my channeling skills have definitely evolved and strengthened over the years, I’ve realized that there are three keys to channeling for me:

The 3 Keys to Channeling:

1) Disconnect and cleanse. For me, this looks like retreating to a quiet, sacred space where I won’t be disturbed. Next, I cord cut to cleanse my energy, literally using my hands to karate chop at all active cords or energy leakages that may be active for me in the moment. Then I visualize emptying my mind of all thoughts by picturing all thoughts, recent conversations or interactions, or anything that is on the forefront of my mind as being sucked into a large glass bubble, kind of like a fish bowl (also this totally reminds me of using a Pensieve in Harry Potter 😉 Once I feel lighter and less activated, I toss the fish bowl behind me and out of sight to release whatever was weighing on me. From here I usually feel connected to myself on a deeper level and still. I’ve switched from focusing on the external and am not dwelling in my inner, intuitive space. Then I’m ready to…

2) Ground. I like to bring the four elements into my grounding practices. I visualize roots stemming from each of my feet and my root chakra (this is located at the base of your spine) and going down, down, down into the middle of the earth. Once there, I visualize each of the elements–earth, air, water, and fire–infusing my roots with its energy. Then I picture the combined elemental, grounding energy surging up through my roots, and back into my body. I usually do this upward energy surge four times to feel fully grounded. Then it’s time to…

3) Connect to source and spirit. My visualization on this may vary on any given day, but the constant is that I envision myself being bathed in the white-gold love and light of the Universe. I picture it washing over my body, starting at the crown of my head, and slowly flowing downwards until it’s reached my feet. I picture this source bath flowing over me, head to toe, four times.

From there my sacred channel is open and I’m ready to receive. 

Disclaimer: As I mentioned, I’m now to the point where I don’t need to do this formal routine to channel, I can just flip the switch and tune in, but when I’m in the mood for a more sacred experience, I’ll do this. I also think if you’re just starting out, it helps to have a structured practice to follow until you feel confident in your skills.

Cool, I’m ready to get started!

If you want to give channeling a go, I suggest you start with the 3 Keys to Channeling above. Be sure to sit in a quiet, comfortable space, and I suggest having a journal and pen on hand. 

Once you’re disconnected from the outside world, tuned in to yourself, and your channel is open, start small. Ask a question and see what you receive. It can be a direct answer, a quick vision that flashes in your mind, or maybe even a song lyric (I got a lot of song lyrics when I first started channeling). Or you may not receive anything at first, and that’s okay.

The more you commit to this practice and going inward in general, the better you’ll get at accessing your sacred channel and tapping into the divine guidance that’s always available to you.


What is Channeling?

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

I’m currently working on a new book idea that centers around spirituality and intuition, my own spiritual journey, and the work that I do here through The Sacred Channel. The first phase of this project is going back through a decade’s worth of soul journals and transcribing the channeled messages I’ve received over the years.

It’s been a mixture of surreal, nostalgic, and mind blowing to revisit the start of my spiritual journey and see how I and my gifts have evolved.

It also made me remember how clueless I was about channeling (and all the spiritual things) back then and that it could be helpful to people who are currently clueless about channeling to dive deeper into this practice and share what I’ve learned. So here goes…

What the heck is channeling?

Channeling is when you receive messages, wisdom, guidance, or support from source, spirit, or your higher self. This may sound completely cray if you’re new to this type of thing, but I swear on Chris Evans’ perfect beard that channeling is real, and I believe that it’s something that we all have access to.

Seriously – this is coming from a gal who used to think she was atheist and was afraid of religion and spirituality. Now channeling is such an innate, normal part of who I am and my daily experience.

How do you know if you’re actually channeling?

I’ll be honest – it took me a loooong time to believe that I was channeling messages from outside of myself. At first, I would just kind of scoff and convince myself I was just imagining stuff or making up thoughts in my head.

But once I got over myself, I started to realize that the feel of these messages was different. Especially back toward the beginning of my spiritual journey – I was not in a good head space. I was on the self-hate bandwagon, and much of my internal dialogue was negative and self-critical to the point of cruelty.

However, the channeled messages I would receive were always loving and gentle. They were often positive and encouraging. And as I began to get better and better at channeling, to the point that I was scribbling down paragraphs or pages worth of messages, I realized they were often in a completely different voice than my own. And there were multiple voices. And handwritings. If I flip through all of my journals, there is a multitude of different handwritings intermingled with my own script. It’s pretty cool 😉

Who or what are you channeling? 

I often keep it general and say source, spirit, or your higher self. But if you wanna get into the nitty gritty of it, I’ve personally channeled:

  • My higher self & soul energy
  • My spirit guides
  • My spirit animals & totems
  • Others’ spirit guides
  • Other’s loved ones who have passed
  • Archangels
  • A few of my loved ones who have passed away

Channeling has opened my world in such a beautiful way. It’s strengthened my connection to myself, to spirit, to source, and to others! It’s always cool to channel for someone else and have the message resonate and inspire them. 

Channeling, and spirituality in general, have been pivotal in my personal healing and transformation over the years, which is why I’m such a geek about sharing it with others.

Speaking of which, if you’re excited to start your own channeling journey, stay tuned for next week’s post, which will dig into how to channel.