Channeled Message: Ignite your passionate creativity

This week’s channeled message is a little different than usual. Usually I have a channeling session for the collective each week and share the message that comes through.

But this week, I want to share divine wisdom and insight that I channeled for myself personally, because it struck me in the feels so hard and is a topic that has come up quite a bit lately with my various soul sisters.

It is so important for us to be, dream, and create freely.

I recently realized that I have really lost my creative spark. I’m a writer and always have been in some way. I have dreams to be a published author as well as an actual facts screenwriter.

But somewhere along the way of hustling to make these dreams a reality, the spark of fun, playfulness, and true, free creativity died out within me.

Writing has been more like work. A chore. A to do. It’s been a mode of productivity and progress rather than an exhilarating, heart-centered, creative experience that sweeps me away.

I miss that. I miss writing just to write. Just to get lost in story. Just to play with words and string them together until they’re not half bad and maybe even inspire me (and hopefully others).

When I channeled on this over the weekend, spirit was really urging me to find that spark within myself again. To allow myself to write, to create, just because. For no other reason than passion and expression. For FUN.

(Liiike, what’s that?! lulz.)

So I want to get back to that. I’m committed to allowing myself to write just to create and express. I’ll be doing so through personal creative writing projects.

And I’ll also be doing it here through The Sacred Channel. Maybe I’ll even call it Sacred Storytelling (cause I’m a nerd for alliteration).

So I hope you won’t mind me weaving some of that into what I do here. I’m really excited to. Keep an eye out for Friday’s post 😉

And if you feel like the creative spark is missing in your life, here’s your nudge to light that baby back up and start fanning the flame of expression.

P.S. Shoutout to my soul sis Britt and her incredible Dare to Dream workshop that I virtually attended last Saturday. It was the magical, sacred container she held for us that allowed me to receive this message and get excited to rediscover this part of myself again <3

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