Channeled Message: Less rigidity, more allowance.

Photo by Slava B on Unsplash

Release the rigidity that rules your life. Allow yourself to live from ease and flow. From fun and pleasure.

Let what feels good drive you, not what feels “should.”

Life is not meant to be a never-ending to do list. It is not meant to be a perfectly executed achievement.

Life is meant to be an experience, more so a series of experiences. Some messy. Some painful. Many unexpected.

But therein lies the beauty.

Trying to perfectly orchestrate your life will not make it better. It will make it small and uninspired.

Feel. Flow. Experience. Invite in the unknown. Play. Release expectation. Stop trying to do and just be.

Allow, and you will thrive.

So much beauty and love awaits you – you only need to open yourself up to it.

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