Channeled Message: Release your fear

It is time to stop allowing fear to run your life.

Perhaps you do not even realize this is happening.

Your intentions may be pure and positive, and you assume you are taking action from that place – but is this true?

Or do you allow your fear to lead you?

When you allow your fear to fuel your life experience, you keep yourself small for the sake of “protection.”

But you are not here to play small. You are not here to hide and live each moment in frantic caution.

You are here to live.

To experience this life to the fullest.

To express your divine essence and leave your mark on the world.

You cannot do this if you are constantly operating from fear.

Bring awareness to your intentions. What is fueling your actions, decisions, and goals? What is fueling your day to day life experience?

If it IS fear, acknowledge this and consciously choose to release it. Then shift into a state of love and allow your actions and decisions to be inspired by this higher frequency. It will show you the way.

– Archangel Orion (The angel of aspirations and manifestation, offering help with releasing dark or negative energy (like fear!), protection, and living in higher vibrations to better tap into the beauty and magic of life.)

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