Channeled Message: Release

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What are you holding onto right now?

Even as the world slows down, looks different, still so many of you struggle with doing anything BUT going inward.

  • You struggle with feeling and accepting and surrendering.
  • You struggle with the unknown and the lack of control.
  • You struggle with your fear and the global uncertainty.

Within you is so much pent up emotion and energy.

Like a volcano waiting to erupt.

Release the pressure.

Allow those feelings, no matter how dark or scary they may be, to move through you.

Acknowledge them.

They are PART of you.

They are information that you need to process.

You cannot continue to bottle up everything inside, you must release.

  • What are you feeling right now?
  • What are you holding onto?
  • What do you need to release?

Take some time and space to sit with yourself and ask these questions.

Breathe deeply until you feel grounded and connected into your body.

Close your eyes, ignore the wayward thoughts of your mind, and just observe what comes up when you ask these questions.

And then allow yourself to feel.

Allow yourself to accept whatever arises.

And then allow yourself to move through it, then release it.

– Archangel Raziel (Raziel can help you uncover new spiritual insights, clear psychic blockages, solve problems, and get creative.)

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