Channeled Message: Resist the urge to move too quickly.

There is much happening right now.

In the world around you and your personal world as well.

As we come to the close of another year, it may be tempting to quickly purge yourself of all that does not serve you and “start fresh.”

And there is wisdom in this desire to reflect, release, and restart.

However, take your time and resist the urge to move too quickly.

Sometimes we seek a change in how we feel on the inside and then disrupt our outside world to accomplish it.

That is not always the right way forward.

In the coming days, be sure to take time to sit in stillness and in silence with your most sacred self.

Sit in reflection and contemplation.

Look at all of the possible paths before you, and really feel into what is right for you right now in this moment.

Allow your heart–and your soul–to lead you now, not your small, fearful mind.

Pam sidenote: Oh em geeeee, I am FEELING this one. All these December card pulls and downloads are hitting home for this lil witch. Lemme know in the comments if this message resonates with you <3

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