Channeled Message: Slow Down & Appreciate

This time of year can be hectic, especially in this particular year, when there has been so much uncertainty and stress.

Right now, your soul is calling you to slow down and appreciate.

Allow yourself to disconnect from the conditioned state of hustle and hyper-productivity.

Allow yourself the time, space, and grace to simply be human.

Ground into your body.

Connect with your heart space.

Witness your human experience without judgment.

And appreciate.

  • Appreciate all that you are, and are not.
  • Appreciate those around you, and space from those who no longer serve you.
  • Appreciate the lessons and growth you have experienced this year.
  • Appreciate that you have nearly come out on the other side.
  • Appreciate the new energy coming to you now, and the magic of possibility.

It takes awareness and commitment to slow down. To allow yourself to actively stop and turn away from all the “shoulds” and “need tos.”

Slowing down is not shirking your responsibilities, it is a sacred practice of self-love and allowing yourself to be, feel, and experience.

Give this gift to yourself now, you deserve it.

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