Channeled Message: Things are not as you think

Whether dealing with people, circumstances, or something new and unknown, you dear hearts tend to form an opinion before you even fully live the experience.

This leads to much struggle and resistance, as often the opinion and attachment you form comes from fear.

This is not your fault. This is part of your human programming – it is a defense mechanism meant to keep you safe.

However, you need not always err on the side of caution.

Open your heart to curiosity.

Invite in the unknown.

Meet uncertainty with excitement.

Wait to form your opinion on something until you get to truly experience it.

This is the key to living a full life – allowing yourself to live a full life.

Within each of you is a seed of curiosity – nurture it. Water it with your excitement, shine your light of love upon it, and allow it to bloom as one of the many beautiful delights that makes up the garden of your life.

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