Channeled Message: You are both one and separate

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

You are both one and separate.

You are a collective of souls incarnated in this lifetime, together representing light and dark, masculine and feminine, struggle and triumph, stagnation and elevation.

You are also a collective of individual humans, each with your own sacred experience and journey.

In these times of upheaval, violence, and illumination, you must acknowledge the stories of others. You must acknowledge that not every person lives, thinks, or believes as you do. Not every other person fears or revels in security as you do.

To each their own, even amongst the collective.

Coexistence and true elevation is about balance. It is about give and take. It is about being the one who experiences as well as the one who witnesses.

There is work to do, on a collective level, of course, but also on an individual level. In fact, it starts with YOU.

Open your eyes to what you have not allowed yourself to see.

Raise your voice in support when it is time, and take a back seat but stand strong in solidarity when it is time.
You must do both, be both, separate.

– Archangel Michael (Michael is the angel of protection, courage, and power. He helps you to release fear, doubt, and lower negative energies.)

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