Channeled Message: Your True Self

Who are you?

No, who are you REALLY?

So many of you get caught up in who you think you SHOULD be. Who you NEED to be. Often this person and your true self are not one in the same.

You were created as you are, as you TRULY are, for a reason. Because you are perfect. Just as you are. Only as you are.

When you try to fit yourself into a mold that is unaligned with your truth, you do yourself, and those around you, a great disservice. This is also the cause of much suffering and disconnect.

You see, when you allow yourself to shine your authentic light, to speak your most sacred, vulnerable truth, you not only connect with others on a much deeper, more genuine level, you give them permission to do the same.

Your light has a shine all its own.

You don’t need to “be a certain way.”

You just need to be, as you are, with no regrets.

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