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Hey there! Thanks for being here 🙂 I’m excited at the prospect of working together and supporting you!

I’ve been on my own spiritual journeys for years, and in that time I’ve been able to hone my natural gifts, like channeling and card readings. My mission with The Sacred Channel is to help you tune into your sacred channel to access your deep inner wisdom as well as guidance from spirit and source, so that you can live a connected, happy, and fulfilled life.

I believe that we ALL have the ability to tap into source, spirit, and our higher self, it’s just about committing to the work and creating practices and routines that allow you to escape the daily grind, get quiet, and tap into your divine wisdom. You no longer need to look outside of yourself for the answers or to feel fulfilled. You can access those things for yourself, you just need an open mind and a little bit of tuning to better receive the guidance and messages that are always available to you.

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My Services


Channeled Message

I’ll channel divine guidance for you from source and spirit, through meditation and automated writing, depending on what I feel called to do. Channeled guidance is great if you have a specific question or issue that you are struggling with, or if you’re just looking for some general guidance or clarity. It’s also an incredible way to feel connected to source and spirit. I find a lot of comfort in channeling messages, especially when I’m struggling or feel stuck.

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Card Reading

If you’re struggling to make a decision or feel lost or uninspired, a card reading is a great way to receive clarity and guidance. I work with various oracle card decks, and will pull for you from the deck(s) I feel most drawn to. I’ll also let you select a deck that you feel drawn to as well. Card readings go much deeper than just pulling cards and reading the descriptions. I’ll use my intuition and channeled guidance from spirit to provide a thorough interpretation.

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Soul Session

Receive personal mentorship to develop your intuition, spiritual gifts, and practices so you can live a life that lights you up. If you’re new to the world of intuition and spirituality, or your practices feel stale and uninspired, I’m your gal! I’ll help you discover how to best tap into your intuition, as well as practices to connect to your higher self and spirit so you can live your life in alignment and flow. Soul sessions are 60-minute video calls tailored to your needs.

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