Spiritual Independence

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I recently came across the term “spiritual independence” for the first time, and it was a concept that really struck me. To be honest, it’s not something that I’ve really thought about before, but it is something that I’ve felt called to do naturally over the past few months. 

(Also, can I just say how much synchronicities kill me, I just can’t lol.)

So what is spiritual independence?

The way I understand it is it’s not relying on others to guide your spiritual beliefs, practices, or journey. It’s about the concept of going within and owning your power, spiritually in this case. It’s about listening to your intuition or guidance first and foremost. 

An example of this that I’ve experienced over the past few months (without even knowing it, because I had never heard of this term before lol) was that I’ve been very averse to just adopting other people’s spiritual methods and practices, even if they resonate and I find them interesting. I always come back to wanting to create and experience my own methods and practices instead. 

I want to make sure that what I’m doing is super aligned with me.

That doesn’t mean I think there’s anything wrong with adopting someone else’s concepts, ideas, and way of being. Not at all. I do that in other areas of my life all the time. We all do. That’s why the age of technology and online influencers is so prevalent.

I enjoy learning from others. And now I’m at a place where I feel called to share my own experience and transmissions to help and connect with others. I’m actively creating content and resources that literally explain my own methods and practices.

So I find the concept of spiritual independence even more interesting and layered.

How do you maintain spiritual independence while learning new information and methods?

Is it about learning and then adapting so that this new information aligns with your own beliefs and way of being?

I’m honestly not sure. This is all new to me and something I am still mulling over and feeling into. All I know is that I find the idea super interesting, and I’d love to know what others think of it! Sooo if you wanna share, comment below! 

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