Spiritual Independence

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

I recently came across the term “spiritual independence” for the first time, and it was a concept that really struck me. To be honest, it’s not something that I’ve really thought about before, but it is something that I’ve felt called to do naturally over the past few months. 

(Also, can I just say how much synchronicities kill me, I just can’t lol.)

So what is spiritual independence?

The way I understand it is it’s not relying on others to guide your spiritual beliefs, practices, or journey. It’s about the concept of going within and owning your power, spiritually in this case. It’s about listening to your intuition or guidance first and foremost. 

An example of this that I’ve experienced over the past few months (without even knowing it, because I had never heard of this term before lol) was that I’ve been very averse to just adopting other people’s spiritual methods and practices, even if they resonate and I find them interesting. I always come back to wanting to create and experience my own methods and practices instead. 

I want to make sure that what I’m doing is super aligned with me.

That doesn’t mean I think there’s anything wrong with adopting someone else’s concepts, ideas, and way of being. Not at all. I do that in other areas of my life all the time. We all do. That’s why the age of technology and online influencers is so prevalent.

I enjoy learning from others. And now I’m at a place where I feel called to share my own experience and transmissions to help and connect with others. I’m actively creating content and resources that literally explain my own methods and practices.

So I find the concept of spiritual independence even more interesting and layered.

How do you maintain spiritual independence while learning new information and methods?

Is it about learning and then adapting so that this new information aligns with your own beliefs and way of being?

I’m honestly not sure. This is all new to me and something I am still mulling over and feeling into. All I know is that I find the idea super interesting, and I’d love to know what others think of it! Sooo if you wanna share, comment below! 


Creating a Sacred Space

^ That’s my sacred space :: heart eyes ::

Something I’ve learned along my spiritual journey is the importance of creating a sacred space where you can connect with yourself and spirit and perform daily practices, like card pulls, journaling, and meditation. 

Our environment is so integral to our energy and can truly impact how we feel at any given moment.

Why do you think the Marie Kondo “spark joy” decluttering method is so trendy right now? Everything is energy. When we’re surrounded by clutter, we’re surrounded by chaotic, draining energy. When things are tidy, organized, and pleasant to look at, we feel calm and inspired.

For me personally, creating my sacred space was a double win – 1) Because it was so important to me to have a dedicated spiritual space to focus and connect, and 2) Because I’ve always been an interior design nerd and I LOVE decorating, and shopping to decorate 😉

My sacred space is set up in my bedroom, and it consists of a desk that I use for my altar space, shelves with all of my spiritual tools, supplies, and books, and a comfy armchair that I only use for meditation, channeling, or journaling. I often call my sacred space my soul altar. It’s literally my favorite part of my apartment 🙂

I love bright colors, so my bedroom in general is colorful and bold, with coral walls and teal accents. My sacred space is also very colorful – I have a coral and teal shawl that I use as a runner for my desk, a piece of chakra artwork that highlights the 7 bright chakra colors, and resin art that looks like the ocean and the galaxy that hangs above my desk.

Every single item that makes up my sacred space is near and dear to me. Here’s a rundown of some of the spiritual artifacts that make up my soul altar:

Oracle & tarot cards: I keep my card decks on the shelves in my sacred space, and I also keep out my monthly and weekly card spreads on my desktop to refer back to. To learn about my favorite card decks, check out this post!

Candles: I use candles during meditation, channeling, and journaling. I usually light them when I am pulling cards, too. Candle colors can be important, as each color has a specific meaning or intent. I’ll make a separate blog post about that in the future.

Crystals, rocks, & shells: I have a ton of healing crystals and books that go into crystals at length. I’ll work with different crystals depending on how I’m feeling or what my intention is in the moment. I also have various rocks, stones, and sea shells that I’ve collected while traveling over the years. These pieces come from California, which is my desired locale (and I hope to move there soon!), Maine, and Assateague Island, to name a few. Sometimes when I travel, particularly when I’m out in nature or at a beach setting, I can just feel the impact it has on my soul. I like to pick up little tokens from those places to commemorate those moments.

Spiritual books: Some of the spiritual books living in my sacred space are The Magic, The Four Agreements, Big Magic, and The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings among many others. I also keep my soul journal (and past soul journals) stashed in this area. 

Wind chimes: I find the sound of wind chimes beautiful and haunting. Since I live in an apartment and don’t have dedicated outdoor space, I wanted to buy a tabletop wind chime for my altar.

Lotus photo: The lotus is very significant to me. The thought of rising from the mud to bloom into something beautiful is not only poetic but similar to how I view myself and my own spiritual journey. The lotus also represents enlightenment, which I’m constantly seeking. I even have a lotus tattoo!

Mala beads: I often joke with my friends that I’m a bit of a mala whore lol. I have quite the mala beads connection, but different strands invoke different feelings/intentions for me, and I love having them all hang in my sacred space.

Himalayan salt lamp: For allll the zen vibes. I have three of these lamps throughout my apartment, and they are a quick and easy way to shift the energy and vibrations in your space.

Quote card: It reads, “Perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones letting us know they are near by guiding us through the night.” This combines two of my favorite things: stars and something that makes me think of my gram, who passed a number of years ago.

Incense: I have two favorite incense scents that I use: sandalwood for my bedroom/sacred space, and Nirvana by Wildberry Incense for the rest of my apartment.

I love my sacred space. Just looking at it, or even thinking about it can shift my energy into a more calm, zen state. Talk about magic 😉

I’d love to know – do you have your own sacred space? If so, what’s in it? And if not, are you feeling called to create one? Drop a comment a let me know!


Sacred Space

This is my sacred space ^^

How many of you have a designated sacred space?

Maybe a spiritual altar or a meditation nook?

I’ve had what I call a soul altar for years now. I realized early in my spiritual journey that I not only wanted but needed a sacred space that I could go to when I wanted to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, ground into my body and experience, and do all the soulful things.

Our space really does affect us.

I was chatting about this to my soulmatebff (and partner in crime in screenwriting and here at TSC) Jess the other day. I was telling her how I had a parade of workers in and out of my apartment for a few days to do some electrical upgrades and how it was taking so much more of a toll on me than I expected.

It wasn’t just the noise and inconvenience (and dust and dirt, oh god, the dust and dirt!), it was having a number of strangers in my space, moving things around, knocking holes in the walls and ceilings, and infusing my usually zen and flowy space with their energy.

My friend shared her own experience with having her sacred space disrupted. She’s enduring some home renovations at the moment, and her usual space for all things relaxation and divine connection was cluttered with tools, supplies, etc., and it was really disrupting her flow and routine (and mental energy!).

This is why people get so into things like feng shui or the Marie Kondo method. We start to realize how this stuff affects us and the change and liberation we can experience if we do something about it.

For me, it took a few years to get my sacred space just right. It used to just be a chair for meditation. Then I got some shelves and did a floor-based altar that caught my eye on Pinterest and wound up being uncomfortable and lacked functionality.

Now I have a spacious desktop altar, with space for my salt lamp, candles, and other spiritual totems AND, most importantly, plenty of space for me to do card spreads and journal. I still have my chair for meditation, right next to my altar – basically half of my bedroom is my zen den, and I love it. It’s my favorite spot in my apartment 🙂

Sooo if you don’t yet have a sacred space – I encourage you to create one. Not only will it be fun to design and set up (especially if you’re an interior design nerd like me), but it will give you that little safe haven that you can escape to when you need to turn off the outside world and take the time and space to go inwards.


Of Passions & Purpose

This is my current soul journal. I usually have one for a year <3

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those moments in life. The kind where, as you’re experiencing it, a part of you knows it’s a #bigdeal and something that you will look back on again and again and be like, “That was the moment when…x, y, z.” It was almost like an outer body experience, if I’m being honest.

On the shore of my oceanic bae, the Pacific Ocean in good ole California, I led nine incredible women in a full moon circle.

As I recently started doing my own moon rituals, I suggested to a friend of mine that, while in San Diego to run a work event, we should do an evening beach trip for our own little moon ritual. A day later, the topic of conversation came up again with another friend, and from there it quickly snowballed into a group thing.

A group thing that kind of scared the shit out of me.

On the one hand, I was EPICLY STOKED at the opportunity to do something that had been a long standing heart’s desire of mine – to connect with others on a deep level through leading some sort of soulful, spiritual experience.

On the other hand, I was freaking out at the prospect of organizing this gathering and then being the ::terrified gasp:: leader and “center of attention.” That’s something I’ve actively hid from for the longest time.

It’s like a paradox – having a deep desire to be seen and heard, but also being downright terrified of being seen and heard. lol oh to be human!

Luckily, in this case, I didn’t have much time to dwell on it and spin out with my fear. I sat down with my soul journal and just started drafting an agenda for a simple, focused moon circle. (And yes, I really did create an agenda, because I’m Type A and that’s literally part of my DNA and a huuuge part of my day job skillz, okay? 😉

I’ll admit I was pretty anxious for a majority of the day leading up to the moon circle, but the closer we got, the more excited I grew. And then we were meeting up on the beach and walking toward the ocean. We formed a circle and…

It was like a lightswitch flipped and I was suddenly operating as my higher self as I led the women into an energy cleansing and grounding practice to start us out.

That ^^ was the moment that I mentioned at the start of this post.

It was so strange to be fully present in that moment, but still, somewhere in my subconscious, part of me was like, “Holy fucccck, this is the thing you’ve wanted to do for so long and you were so afraid of, but look at how NATURAL it is for you!!” With a side of, “Who are you?!” ::insert side eye emoji::

The moon circle experience was truly incredible. It’s a night I’ll always remember, and I’m so grateful that I was able to share it with a group of heart-centered, passionate women who made me feel safe, even when being seen and heard ::dun dun dun::

It really amped up my confidence, as I’ve always been one to suffer from imposter syndrome. Something can be on my heart for all of eternity, and there can be synchronicities and signs dropping in all over the place, but my fear will always win out as I wonder, “Who am I to (insert thing I want to do)??”

It was also such validation that I am 100% on the right path. My own spiritual journey, everything that has led me here, the desires of my heart, all of my interests and lessons learned, and now here with The Sacred Channel – this is all meant to be and has been divinely orchestrated. There’s not a doubt in my mind.

So if there’s something that’s been niggling at you, something that your heart is so desperately craving, even if it’s just a small curiosity to maybe, I dunno, take a pottery class, or visit a new town – do it.

The things that call to us do so for a reason. They are meant for us, and it would be such a shame to miss out on them. <3

P.S. Shoutout to my soul sister Britt for refusing to co-host the moon circle with me to force me to step into my power and do it myself. Endless apologies for my initial EW face and being mad – your higher was just giving my higher a lil slap up the side of the head to werrrk my magic 😉 I love you and appreciate you, B!

P.P.S. For those of you who enjoy full circle moments, Britt is the person I emailed nearly three years ago confessing that I felt so called to connect with others through soul coaching or spiritual work but was struggling hardcore with “who am I to…” So it’s even more awesome that she not only gave me that little push, but was there to witness the moment 😉


I Thought I Was an Atheist

Yearsss before I got sucked into the world of spirituality, intuition, and soul searching, I thought I was an atheist. Well, until I realized there was a difference between an atheist (one who doesn’t believe in God or gods) and a theist (one who does). I was definitely more of a theist, I was just kind of allergic to organized religion.

Both of my parents had grown up Catholic, and my dad in particular did not revel in that experience. Starting at a young age, Catholicism had a negative connotation for me, and since it was the only religion or source of spirituality I was exposed to, I thought it was all that existed.

I remember trying to read the Bible as a young child and finding it frightening. I also remember numerous times when my siblings and I would be “bad,” and my dad would threaten to send us to Sunday School.

Still, I knew, even as a child, that I believed in something, I just didn’t know what. I discovered that much later, into my twenties, when I reconnected with a former coworker. It was a total act of divine intervention that I felt so called to reach out to this woman, who had been no more than a casual work acquaintance. 

We were both going through a rough time and quickly found solace in our new friendship. As a way to pass the time, we started to pull oracle cards for guidance and healing, which soon turned into “meditating,” which we would later learn was actually us channeling and giving each other psychic readings. (My friend is a legit psychic medium whose readings and accuracy still blow my mind to this day.)

The rest, as they say, is history 😉 Long gone are my “atheist” days. Now I geek out over anything spiritual and am a total nerd when it comes to learning about others’ beliefs, religions, and practices. 

I believe in source or a higher power. I believe that we are infinite souls who reincarnate into new lives over and over again, and in between those lifetimes, we hang back on the “other side,” or soul realm, to learn, guide, and evolve. It’s funny, I’ve had these kind of beliefs for a looong time, and last year I read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton for the first time, and was blown away by how a complete stranger wrote so detailed an account of my own beliefs. 

I think, at the end of the day, we all want to believe in something else, something bigger, and know that there is something out there that is watching over us and guiding us along the path of life. And what that looks like and feels like for each person is different, and that’s okay. It’s pretty beautiful actually.