Channeled Message: Slow Down & Appreciate

This time of year can be hectic, especially in this particular year, when there has been so much uncertainty and stress.

Right now, your soul is calling you to slow down and appreciate.

Allow yourself to disconnect from the conditioned state of hustle and hyper-productivity.

Allow yourself the time, space, and grace to simply be human.

Ground into your body.

Connect with your heart space.

Witness your human experience without judgment.

And appreciate.

  • Appreciate all that you are, and are not.
  • Appreciate those around you, and space from those who no longer serve you.
  • Appreciate the lessons and growth you have experienced this year.
  • Appreciate that you have nearly come out on the other side.
  • Appreciate the new energy coming to you now, and the magic of possibility.

It takes awareness and commitment to slow down. To allow yourself to actively stop and turn away from all the “shoulds” and “need tos.”

Slowing down is not shirking your responsibilities, it is a sacred practice of self-love and allowing yourself to be, feel, and experience.

Give this gift to yourself now, you deserve it.


Weekly Wisdom: Balance

Right now what is needed is balance, a harmony within yourself, as well as harmony with your external world.

This is a time for shifts and pivots with how you live your day to day experience.

This card can also represent that what you perceive around you may actually be a projection of something that is happening within you.

The Balance card is also a reminder of karma and fairness – take what you’ve earned and treat others with love and kindness.

Balance is also needed when you are making decisions in your life, whether emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Be honest, caring, and responsible–be in balance–with all that you do now.

CARD SOURCE: The Balance card is from The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland. To read the full card pull, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


Channeled Message: Let your light shine

Sometimes you dim your light for the sake of others.

To make them more comfortable.

So you “fit in” or you’re not “too much.”

Your light is who you are, and everything else is a mask.

When you dim your light and dwell in the darkness, you cannot see the path forward.

Suppressing your light is suppressing your soul, and your soul is a gift – for yourself, and for others.

Let your light shine, and shine bright.

Let it illuminate all that you are and all that you do.

Let it be a beacon to others and a signal of hope.

For when you are bold and unapologetic in your expression of who you are, you “give permission” and inspire others to do the same.

And how beautiful your world would be, how glowing, bathed in the true, loving light of all.


Weekly Wisdom: Star Ancestors

You’re being called to think and listen with your infinite heart and soul.

There is a part of you that remembers and knows all, and this part is calling to you now.

This is your invitation to step into your ancient knowing and look a little deeper.

Feeling stuck? It’s time to shift or pivot or look through a different lens.

The answer that you seek may be right before you now, only you cannot see it until you look outside the box of your creation.

You are infinite and ancient–made of stardust–a piece of the Universal mosaic, and it is now time to tap into this essence and align with all that you are.

CARD SOURCE: The Star Ancestors card is from The Starseed Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell. You can read the full card pull on Page 1 and Page 2.


Channeled Message: Resist the urge to move too quickly.

There is much happening right now.

In the world around you and your personal world as well.

As we come to the close of another year, it may be tempting to quickly purge yourself of all that does not serve you and “start fresh.”

And there is wisdom in this desire to reflect, release, and restart.

However, take your time and resist the urge to move too quickly.

Sometimes we seek a change in how we feel on the inside and then disrupt our outside world to accomplish it.

That is not always the right way forward.

In the coming days, be sure to take time to sit in stillness and in silence with your most sacred self.

Sit in reflection and contemplation.

Look at all of the possible paths before you, and really feel into what is right for you right now in this moment.

Allow your heart–and your soul–to lead you now, not your small, fearful mind.

Pam sidenote: Oh em geeeee, I am FEELING this one. All these December card pulls and downloads are hitting home for this lil witch. Lemme know in the comments if this message resonates with you <3


Weekly Wisdom: Patience & Planning

It is a time to practice patience and release control.

It is time to stop and reflect on what is in front of you before moving forward.

Plan from a place of ease and flow, not rush and force.

Ask yourself:

What is working well for me?

What is not working well for me?

Where am I feeling resistance?

Where am I feeling ease?

Where do I need to let go of my expectations?

What do I most want to move toward?

How will I handle difficult decisions or situations as I move forward?

It is always better to be proactive than reactive, so…

Stop, reflect, plan, THEN proceed.

CARD SOURCE: The Patience & Planning card is from The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland. You can read the card’s full description on Page 1 & Page 2.


Weekly Wisdom: 9 of Fire

This card appears when you’re experiencing a time of uncertainty.

Rather than forging ahead with force (vs. flow), proceed with caution, and perhaps even reevaluate the options before you before taking action.

Sometimes uncertainty is the Universe’s way of trying to get your attention so that you’ll slow down and really take inventory of what is unfolding around you, as well as the best way to proceed.

So, stop, ground into your circumstances, and take the time and space to really think–and feel–into what is right before you act.

TLDR: Stop rushing and forcing. Slow your roll, take a beat, and think before you do kthxbai.

CARD SOURCE: The 9 of Fire is from The Good Tarot deck by Colette Baron-Reid. To read the full card description, check out Page 1!

Spirit right now:


Channeled Message: Rest & Recharge

Photo by Graca Assane on Unsplash

Sometimes, it is enough to simply exist.

What would your life look like if you weren’t constantly doing?

What would it feel like to allow yourself the time and space to just be?

To sit with yourself and connect at a deeper level?

To allow yourself the experience of solitude?

What would it feel like to press pause on the hustle and bustle of life for a short while?

If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, allow yourself to take a break from the external and go within to rest and recharge.

While it is true that you have work to do and a purpose to fulfill, you cannot make progress on your journey if you are constantly burnt out and overwhelmed.

Part of your work is to stop, step away, and allow yourself the experience of sacred space to just be and not do.

It is time to rest and rejuvenate, dear one.

Surrender to this need for space and rejuvenation.

Surrender to this healing. It is time.

– Archangel Raphael (Raphael is the angel of healing. His healing is broad and extends the physical to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing as well.)


Weekly Wisdom: Kelp – Strength

The Kelp card appears when you need a reminder of your inherent strength.

Even when you feel weak, you are strong.

You have a solid, firm foundation, and it’s something you can tap into to anchor yourself in your faith.

If you are struggling with a specific situation, take a step back and observe it rather than identify with it.

Allow space and reflection to give you clarity on the best way to move forward.

Surrender into your heart space, tap into your innate strength, and allow yourself to be guided from that place.

CARD SOURCE: The Kelp card is from The Ocean Oracle deck by Susan Marte. To read the entire description, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


Weekly Wisdom: The Sun

The sun represents light and life. It can be gentle and warming or overpowering and destructive.

The Sun card appears during a time when you’ve been hibernating or introspective.

It is now time to come out from hiding and seek the light. It is time to share your own inner spark with the world.

However, be aware that even light needs rest. It is okay to take time to recharge in the darkness.

The purpose of your light is not to blind but to illuminate.

CARD SOURCE: The Sun card is from the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid. You can read the full card description here.