Channeled Message: Ignite your passionate creativity

This week’s channeled message is a little different than usual. Usually I have a channeling session for the collective each week and share the message that comes through.

But this week, I want to share divine wisdom and insight that I channeled for myself personally, because it struck me in the feels so hard and is a topic that has come up quite a bit lately with my various soul sisters.

It is so important for us to be, dream, and create freely.

I recently realized that I have really lost my creative spark. I’m a writer and always have been in some way. I have dreams to be a published author as well as an actual facts screenwriter.

But somewhere along the way of hustling to make these dreams a reality, the spark of fun, playfulness, and true, free creativity died out within me.

Writing has been more like work. A chore. A to do. It’s been a mode of productivity and progress rather than an exhilarating, heart-centered, creative experience that sweeps me away.

I miss that. I miss writing just to write. Just to get lost in story. Just to play with words and string them together until they’re not half bad and maybe even inspire me (and hopefully others).

When I channeled on this over the weekend, spirit was really urging me to find that spark within myself again. To allow myself to write, to create, just because. For no other reason than passion and expression. For FUN.

(Liiike, what’s that?! lulz.)

So I want to get back to that. I’m committed to allowing myself to write just to create and express. I’ll be doing so through personal creative writing projects.

And I’ll also be doing it here through The Sacred Channel. Maybe I’ll even call it Sacred Storytelling (cause I’m a nerd for alliteration).

So I hope you won’t mind me weaving some of that into what I do here. I’m really excited to. Keep an eye out for Friday’s post 😉

And if you feel like the creative spark is missing in your life, here’s your nudge to light that baby back up and start fanning the flame of expression.

P.S. Shoutout to my soul sis Britt and her incredible Dare to Dream workshop that I virtually attended last Saturday. It was the magical, sacred container she held for us that allowed me to receive this message and get excited to rediscover this part of myself again <3


An Update on Learning to Read the Akashic Records

In April I started to study the Akashic Records, and I thought it would be a good time to pop in with a bit of an update on my experience with this spiritual method. First, if you haven’t read my original post Learning How to Read the Akashic Records, you may wanna pop over there first to get some background on the Akashic Records and why I’m studying them 🙂

It’s been almost a month exactly that I’ve been learning how to read the Akashic Records, and I’ve been in the Records a handful of times now. My first time in the Records was just to observe and experience, not ask questions. It was the most visual experience I’ve had in the Records so far. It was also the first time I felt the energy of the Records, which is very fluid. I feel it behind my heart space and it’s almost like I’m bobbing in a boat on open water, that’s the most accurate way I an explain how it feels lol.

I was in a space that looked like a huge library or hall of archives that was thrust up in the middle of the cosmos. I’ve seen this setting before in a number of past meditations and channeling sessions. I call it the Universal Observation Deck. The energy was very fluid, and the space was filled with shimmering white light that had a sort of opalite color to it, like hints of pastel rainbow colors. I was shown my personal Record, which was like an ancient book of all of my past lives to date.

Since that first experience, my other times in the Records have been more aligned with how I’ve always channeled, which tends to come through automated writing/typing, so words vs. visuals. 

However the first time I opened the Records for an actual reading to ask questions, I did it verbally and recorded the session. It was actually super cool to listen back to because there was for sure a kind of melody to the way I spoke. It was very sing-songy, which is something I have NEVER done before haha.

One of my favorite things about going into the Records is that the guidance I receive when I ask for help or clarity is very specific and usually something I haven’t considered before. For instance, I was asking for guidance on how I can continue to grow and evolve The Sacred Channel and my spiritual content, and the information I received was so specific and all things I hadn’t yet considered – it was really cool 🤓

I haven’t started reading for others yet, as this practice is still feeling very personal for me and my own journey. I want to grow more confident in this method and also use it for my own personal healing and growth first, so for now I’m just taking it slow and steady and enjoying this new energy and method 🙂


Channeled Message: Allow yourself to play

The days have been dark and lonely as of late.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

But in every struggle, you have the ability to find a lesson or something for which to be grateful.

In this time of chaos and the unknown, allow yourself to play.

The time you now spend inside and limited in your day to day activities is a gift.

This is a time for you to re-discover the child within.

What did you once love to do but have not done in far too long?

Children are beautiful in their innocence and delight. They find wonder and possibility in every little thing.
You can do the same.

Open your eyes to the wonder available to you now.Allow yourself to create and express yourself.Lose yourself in something “meaningless” for a while.

Allow yourself to play.

– Spirit Guide Lilabelle (This was the first time I’ve interacted with this spirit guide. She had a very calming and motherly energy and exuded a type of quiet joy.)


Weekly Wisdom: Jaguar

The Jaguar is the master of the shadows and brings courage and certainty.

This card appears when it’s time to explore beyond your comfort zone and normal routine.

It is time to push your limits and boundaries and dabble in the unknown.

This is also a good time to do shadow work – to delve into the darkness and shadows that you usually avoid.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to release?
  • What have I carried around for too long?
  • What fear do I need to let go of?
  • What toxic relationships are holding me back?

It’s time to explore your darkness and to come out on the other side of it, into the unknown and exciting light that awaits you.

CARD SOURCE: The Jaguar card is from the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid. You can read the card’s full description here!


Energetic Care & Practices

These are some of my selenite pieces 🙂

This post is a follow up to last week’s Energetics Are Everything. I suggest you read that first if you haven’t already 🙂 In this post, I want to dig deeper into energetics by sharing my own energetic beliefs and care, as well as sharing some energetic practices that you may find useful, especially if you’re new to this type of work.

As I mentioned in my blog post last week, I am by no means an expert in energetics. I can only share my current knowledge, beliefs, and practices. Please feel free to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

My daily energetic practices revolve around the auric field and the seven chakras.

The aura is one of the layers of energy that is closest to our physical body. The chakras are energy points in the body, starting at the base of the spine and extending up to the crown of the head, that correlate to certain physical, mental, and emotional attributes. Some people work with the basic seven chakras, others with eleven, and others with 114. For now, as an energetic newb, I work with the seven main chakras.

My physical body and energetic body, particularly my aura, chakras, and connection to source/spirit, are what I personally refer to as my sacred channel. It’s part of my daily routine to practice energetic hygiene and cleanse and recalibrate my sacred channel.

My Energetic Hygiene Practice AKA Cleansing My Sacred Channel

I do this every morning and again in the evening before I go to bed.

Step 1: Cord Cutting – I stand with my feet firmly planted on the ground and then cut energetic cords. I hold my hands up in front of me, palms facing my body, and do karate chop motions all around my body. I pay special attention to the area around my head, ears, throat, and heart. As I’m doing this, I envision that I’m cutting energetic cords that may be connected to me in the moment as a way to release what I no longer need to carry or feel.

Step 2: Grounding & Tapping Into Higher Energy – Once I take care of any active energetic cords or leaks, I focus on grounding myself to the earth while also opening my channel to tap into source, spirit, and my higher energy. First, I envision energetic roots extending from the soles of my feet and down into the center of the earth. Then I envision the four elements–earth, fire, air, water–infusing my roots with their own energy. Next I breathe in deeply as I pull that elemental, earth energy up through my roots and into my body, all the way up to the crown of my head. Then I ask to connect to the universe, source, spirit, and my higher self and picture that connection as golden/white light that fills the crown of my head before flowing down my body and through the roots of my feet.

Step 3: White Light Cleanse – Once I’m grounded and tuned into to source/spirit, it’s time to call on the white, loving light of the universe and source to cleanse and recalibrate my sacred channel. I’ll grab my selenite crystal tower and hold it to the crown of my head, and one of my selenite hearts and hold it to my heart, calling on the white light and breathing it in deep before I picture it washing over my body, cleansing me (and my energy/aura) from head to foot. I’ll do that body cleansing deep breath two more times. Then I take a deep breath and envision absorbing the healing white light through the selenite crystal at my heart and letting it fill every cell and fiber of my being (both physically and energetically). Then I do a deep exhale to release that breath and energy, and my sacred channel is cleansed!

Since this practice is a bit more in depth, I like to bookend my day with it, as I mentioned. However, sometimes throughout the day, I may need to do a quick grounding, cord cutting, or energetic cleanse. You can be flexible with your practices and routines. You don’t need to follow an in-depth routine, step by step, in every moment. Figure out what feels good for you, and once something starts to feel boring or stale, experiment and shake things up until you find a practice that resonates with you.

I’m also a fan of professional energy healing for energetic care and well-being. I like to book a monthly appointment with my energy healer, usually waiting until the day before to feel into the type of session I want to experience. My practitioner does a lot of hands on energy healing that includes working with the divine and angels. Some of my favorite types of energy work include Turaya Touch and reiki.

I can honestly say that learning about energetics and creating daily energetic practices has changed my life. I feel so much more in tune with myself, and it also gives me a sense of empowerment. I think sometimes it’s easy to just go with feeling crappy and spiraling into negativity, scarcity, or whatever the case may be, but you don’t need to be a victim to your circumstance or current way of being. 

You can literally shift your thoughts and experience by simply shifting your energy. 

It’s a total game changer!


Channeled Message: Be free

Allow yourself to be free.

Release the shackles of routine, identity, and false beliefs.

Lean into freedom and expression, and away from responsibility and regimen.

What do you need to be free and light right now in this moment?

This isn’t about being irresponsible and avoidant.

This is about allowing yourself to dwell in inner peace, spaciousness, and possibility.

Stoke your inner fire of curiosity and expression.

  • Create just to create.
  • Move just to move.
  • Love just to love.
  • Be just to be.

Release the pressure of “should” and flow with the freedom of “can.”

– Lady Miriam (Lady Miriam is an Ascended Master and High Priestess who helps us with peace and balance so that we may live out the greatest potential and expression of our soul.)


Weekly Wisdom: The Void

The Void is where all life begins and ends, a fertile darkness where all things originate and seeds grow.

The Void card appears when it is time to surrender to the unknown and nourish the seeds of change growing within you.

This is a time of rest and allowance.

A time for you to surrender to whatever’s next, even if you don’t know what that is.

Stop trying to control and force.

Instead trust that everything is happening as it should, even if you can’t quite see the results just yet.

Have faith.

Let go so that you may receive.

CARD SOURCE: The Void card is from The Starseed Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell. To read the full card description, check out Page 1 & Page 2.


Energetics Are Everything

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

Since the start of my spiritual journey over a decade ago, I’ve always been interested in energetics, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I’ve really started to experiment with energetics and energy work. Although I’m still a newb in this area, I have come to believe this wholeheartedly:

Energetics are everything.

I want to preface the meat of this post with a confession: I had no idea how much there is to learn about the human energy field and energetic anatomy. Not to mention all of the competing information that is out there. In doing research for this post, I fell down a google rabbit hole which made me realize how much more I have to learn about energetics. (And I’m totally okay with that because I’m a nerd for learning 😉

So, I am by no means an expert in energetics, but I can share my own experiences and practices in case you find any of it helpful 🙂 I’m also excited to learn more and expand my knowledge in this area. For me, when there are competing explanations and beliefs, I always feel into what aligns most with my higher energy. What feels right and true for me  on a soul level?

Okay so here’s the gist of energetics…everything is energy, even us. As humans, we have an energetic field that is composed of different layers of energy, and the awareness and maintenance of that energy is just as vital to our well-being as the care we give our physical body.

Our energetic state can deeply affect our human experience.

At any given moment, the state of your energy correlates with how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Are you feeling happy, sad, tired, overwhelmed, resentful? If you’re feeling sad, you may feel physically empty and tired. If your energetics are vibrating high and you’re feeling happy, you may feel light, excited, and free.

When you interact with others – what is the energetic exchange going on there? Maybe you spend time with your best friend, and you come away feeling carefree and replenished. Maybe when you visit your least favorite relative, you come out on the other side feeling negative and physically depleted. In every moment, your energy is affecting how you are feeling and being.

You can literally shift how you feel–physically, mentally, and emotionally–by shifting your energy.

If you’re ready to start experimenting with energetics as part of your spiritual practice and personal well-being, I suggest you start here:

1. Decide on what resonates most with you. What type of energetic bodies or beliefs do you feel most drawn to? When you think of energy work and hygiene, what energy bodies and tools do you want to work with or experiment with? Are there certain types of energetic services or experiences you want to try?

2. Experience your energy. Take some time and space to just sit with yourself and feel into your energy. You can even treat this as a type of meditation. Get grounded and still. Go inward. How do you feel in the moment? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Then experiment. Visualize something that you deeply desire and feel into it. What is the underlying energy of that wish or goal? How does it make you feel? Notice how your energetic state has shifted since you first started your practice.

Since this post has turned into a bit of a monster, I’m going to save diving into my own energetic beliefs and practices for next week. I’ll share how I work with energetics, energetic hygiene, the type of professional energetic services I favor, and some of my daily energetic practices. 


Channeled Message: You are so loved, always.

Loneliness is not always a bad thing.

It can be difficult at times to feel isolated and out of touch with others.

For many of you, loneliness is something to be feared and avoided. For others, it is a haven, a place to exist in safety and truth.

For all – loneliness is a natural human experience.

In times when it feels negative and weighs you down, know this truth:

You are so loved.

Even if you doubt the love of others and yourself, know that we love you. We see you. We are rooting for you. We appreciate everything about you.
You are so loved, always.

– Archangel Daniel (Daniel is the angel of universal love and also resonates with strength & peace. He is also sometimes referred to as the male counterpart of Archangel Haniel.)


Weekly Wisdom: Rest & Rejuvenate

It is now time to rest and rejuvenate.

This card often appears when you are coming out of a period that has been particularly taxing, both mentally and emotionally.

(Like, no kidding, spirit! 😉

Take some time now to go inward and heal.Be with your soul and higher energy.Let it reinvigorate you and cleanse away any darkness or heaviness that you have been carrying.

This time and space for reflection and replenishment will allow you to gain some clarity and do some “spring cleaning,” so that you can come out on the other side of this time healthier, stronger, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

CARD SOURCE: The Rest & Rejuvenate card is from The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John Holland. You can read Page 1 & Page 2.