Weekly Wisdom: 4 of Water

The themes of this week’s card are dreaming and introspection, contemplation, and trusting in the abundance of opportunities.

Are you feeling called to take some sacred time and space and really reflect on your dreams and desires?

Or maybe something didn’t work out according to your plan or expectation, and now it’s time to recalibrate?

This can be a good thing, and a powerful practice in having faith and trusting that everything will not only work out how it is meant to but even BETTER than you originally imagined.

I’m a big nerd when it comes to dreams and goals, and I LOVE to visualize. The things that really helped me up my visualization game and usher more magical manifestation into my life were these:

1) FEEL into what you want. Like viscerally allow yourself to live your dream in your mind. How does it feel? What do you feel like in your body? Who do you tell first? Where are you when it happens?

2) Don’t be attached to the how or when. I know this is hard AF – it’s something I still struggle with, but I try to focus more on how I want to feel than WHAT I want to call in down to a tee, if that makes sense.

Comment below and tell me a dream that is on your heart!

CARD SOURCE: The 4 of Water is from The Good Tarot deck by Colette Baron-Reid. Check out Page 1.

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