Weekly Wisdom: First Ray of Power

The wisdom for this week is about conscious destruction.

We are both creators AND destroyers.

Destruction isn’t always bad. It can be used as a way to release what is no longer serving you and usher in new beginnings.

The First Ray of Power is about removing the things, people, and situations that are holding you back.

You may find yourself in an unexpected time of change, or perhaps you feel motivated to break outside of your comfort zone or shake up your routines.

These changes will feel both urgent and freeing. Flow with them. Be detached and allow yourself to release control.

Whatever is flowing into or out of your life now is part of your divine journey.

Trust. Surrender. Allow.

CARD SOURCE: The First Ray of Power card is from the Lightworker Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. To read the complete card description for this week’s pull, pop over to Page 1 & Page 2!

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