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Hey there! I’m Pam. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Spirit, intuition, and soul searching have been a huge part of my life. I’ve spent years learning about and experiencing the deeper connection we all have access to when it comes to source and spirit. I’m a spiritual nerd who loves meditation, energy work, learning new methods and healing modalities, giving and receiving card readings, hanging out at my soul altar, and jamming on all things spirituality. I have a gift for channeling messages and guidance from spirit through writing, card readings, and meditation. I’ve decided to share my gifts and journey to connect with others in a meaningful way and to be a source of guidance and support for those who need it.

Need some divine guidance or spiritual insight?


Channeled Message

I’ll channel divine guidance for you from source and spirit​. I do this through meditation and automated writing.

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Card Reading

Receive insight, clarity, and guidance via oracle cards.​ I’ll pull from various decks to give you a thorough reading.

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Soul Session

Combine a card reading, channeled message, and mentorship to develop your intuition, gifts, and practices.

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Channeled Messages

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Card Pulls

Ummm who doesn’t love a message like this?! Especially on a Monday 😉 This week’s card is all about new...

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My Spiritual Journey

How many of you have a designated sacred space? Maybe a spiritual altar or a meditation nook? I’ve had what...

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